Planet Earth Live Streams

With thanks to LiveStream providers, NASA and in particular.

A selection of planet Earth live streams to be found on this page: Earth from space (ISS Space station), Brooks Falls-Alaska, Dumpling Mountain-Alaska, Reef-Grand Cayman Island, Northern Lights-Canada (and a moon orbit...but not live)

International Space Station live stream: 240 miles above the Earth's surface

The International Space Station (ISS) is circling some 240 miles above the surface of Earth and filming our planet from space. It takes the space station about 90 minutes to orbit the planet, with a total of around 15 trips done every 24 hours. As the station passes into night time for 45 minutes every orbit, the live feed falls dark and pre-recorded footage is used during this time in this stream feed. Its first component launched into orbit in 1998, and the ISS is now the largest man-made body in low Earth orbit (over 70 metres long and over 100 metres wide) and can often be seen with the naked eye from Earth.

OK!'s not live and its not on planet Earth BUT this footage of an orbit of our moon is stunning....

This video was recorded by the SELENE Lunar Orbiter - images are copyright JAXA / NHK SELENE , better known in Japan by its nickname Kaguya, was the second Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft following the Hiten probe. Produced by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and the National Space Development Agency (NASDA), the spacecraft was launched on September 14, 2007. After successfully orbiting the Moon for a year and eight months, the main orbiter was instructed to impact on the lunar surface near the crater Gill on June 10, 2009.

Brooks Falls, Katmai National park, Alaska live stream

LIVE footage from Alaska's Brooks River in Katmai National Park. Every year over a hundred Brown Bears descend on a mile long stretch of Brooks River to feast on the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the world.

Dumpling mountain, Katmai National Park, Alaska live stream

Dumpling Mountain (elev 2440', 744m) you can see all of Brooks Camp, and much of the surrounding country. On a clear day you can even see the active volcanoes that border the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman Island Reef live stream

Northern Lights - Churchill Northern Studies Center, Manitoba, Canada live stream

The CNSC is also located directly beneath the aurora oval. Churchill, Manitoba is one of the best places on Earth to view the aurora borealis, the spectacular atmospheric phenomenon better known as the Northern Lights. For over 240 years, astronomers and physicists have journeyed to Churchill to probe the upper atmosphere with cameras, balloons, and even rockets. The late winter and early spring are the best viewing time for the aurora, so keep an eye out over February and March for a spike in Northern Lights activity!

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