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The MEGA quiz: 60 questions

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Quiz notes: the Earth quiz questions have been taken from information on this site and all sections are represented. If you're after top marks then you'll need to cover every page paying attention to the smallest details.


To recap:


Aerosol pollution: small particles in a suspending medium causing havoc with both planet and people.


Air pollution: a look at the atmospheric nasties largely created through man's activities.


Biodiversity loss: a shocking wake-up call to arms to stop the relentless devastation on the planet's co-inhabitants.


Deforestation: a worrying onslaught against a resource that provides shelter, food, oxygen, biodiversity....the list goes on.


Global warming: the subject that won't go away. The evidence is mounting and global temperatures keep rising.


Groundwater depletion: groundwater is the most valuable freshwater resource on Earth but demand exceeds supply.


Human overpopulation: the 'elephant in the room' subject. Whilst mankind pushes science and technology to deliver an ever-increasing quality of life and to extend life expectancy, it simply puts ever-increasing demands on the planet's resources.


Land degradation: so important for biodiversity and food supply, land availability and quality are both being hammered by human activity.


Nitrogen pollution: as so often is the case, scientific discovery aimed at creating good, ends up creating serious unintended consequences.


Ocean acidification: an unforeseen consequence of human activity.


Ozone layer depletion: a horror story with a possible happy-ending and proof that global action can make a difference.


Plastic pollution: a case study in how human activity can wreak global havoc in the blink of an eye. 

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